CBB60 3UF 450V CBB60 4UF 450VAC CBB60 5UF 450VAC CBB60 6UF 450VAC...">
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AC motor run capacitor

OLIVE Capacitor, OLIVE Motor Run Capacitor

OLIVE Capacitor, OLIVE Motor Run Capacitor

OLIVE Capacitor, OLIVE <strong><a href=Motor Run Capacitor"> OLIVE Capacitor, OLIVE Motor Run Capacitor OLIVE Capacitor, OLIVE Motor Run Capacitor2

CBB60 3UF 450V
CBB60 4UF 450VAC
CBB60 5UF 450VAC
CBB60 6UF 450VAC
CBB60 7UF 450VAC
CBB60 8UF 450V
CBB60 10UF 450V
CBB60 15UF 450V
CBB60 16UF 450V
CBB60 20UF 4 50VC
CBB60 25UF 450VAC
CBB60 30UF 450VAC
CBB60 35UF 450VAC
CBB60 40UF 450VAC
CBB60 45UF 450VAC
CBB60 50UF 450VAC
CBB60 60UF 450VAC
CBB60 70UF 440VAC
CBB65 25UF 370VAC
CBB65 35UF 370VAC
CBB65 40UF 370VAC
CBB65 45UF 370VAC
CBB65 50UF 370VAC
CBB65 60UF 370VAC
CBB65 25±5UF 370VAC
CBB65 30±5UF 370VAC
CBB65 35±5UF 370VAC
CBB65 40±5UF 370VAC
CBB65 45±5UF 370VAC
CBB65 50±5UF 370VAC
CBB65 60±5UF 370VAC
CBB65 35±5UF 370VAC
CBB65 45±5UF 370VAC
CBB65 50±5UF 370VAC
CBB65 60±5UF 370VAC

Source: China Ningbo AC Motor Capacitor Factory

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Not quite right either...

2010-05-16 12:51:02 by fredy2

If one references good AC machinery books you will find that a single phase induction motor that uses a start winding has a RUN winding which is HEAVY low resistance, mostly inductive winding in which the current LAGS the voltage due to the inductance.
A STARTING winding is used which is wound 90 degrees offset from the heavy run winding. This starting winding is smaller gauge and has some...se a PTC resistor to effectively disconnect the start winding. While these are somple, they are not applicable to larger scale motors. I had a recent failure of one of the PTC in my refrigerator which was caused by the failure of the electric utility and quick restoration while unit was operating. The residual pressure was too much for the PTC to restart the compressor and it cooked out the PTC.

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