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Tutorial Cara Memperbaiki Power Supply yang Mati Rusak
merk china,pastikan merk Tutorial Cara Memperbaiki Power Supply yang Mati Rusak - Power supply merupakan komponen paling penting pada komputer. karena tanpa power supply, komputer anda tidak akan bisa hidup walaupun sedang tidak ada pemadaman listrik. nah bagaiimana jika power supply anda rusak? apakah anda akan membuangnya dan membeli yang baru lagi? sebaiknya jangan, coba anda lihat ebook berikut,
Panduan Memperbaiki Power Supply
anduan Memperbaiki Power Supply, adalah panduan mengenal lebih jauh tentang Power Supply PC, kerusakan dan cara memperbaikinya. Total 45 halaman. Untuk Membeli Ebook ini, silahkan klik Di sini. Atau anda ingin diskon besar-besaran dari QMG? , silahkan pelajari selengkapnya tentang paket diskon => Cek Paket Diskon
Daftar Isi

Anatomi Switching Mode Power Supply

  1. Pengenalan
  2. Ada Dua Desain Dasar Power Supply: Linear Dan Switching.
  3. Switching Power Supply Diagram
  4. Inside a PC Power Supply
  5. Voltage Doubler and Primary Rectifier
  6. Active PFC
  7. Switching Transistors
  8. Circuit Control Transformer dan PWM
Kerusakan Power Supply
  1. Tidak bisa hidup. Semua lampu indikator mati
  2. Kipas Power Suply tidak jalan. Ketika komputer dihidupkan, tidak ada reaksi sama sekali

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2006-09-13 20:54:29 by mdj

For Sale-Speedotron Blackline
Power Pack 2401A $600
Great working condition. Has had capacitors replaced.

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  • Avatar Trina Amplifier and Capacitor Wiring?
    Aug 27, 2007 by Trina | Posted in Car Audio

    I have a 0 gauge wire running from the car battery to a fuse then back to the 0 gauge wire through the fire wall and to another fuse holder that splits into two 4 gauge wires....now where do they go? I have a 1 farad capacitor and the amp. Do both 4 gauge wires connect to the positive terminal on the cap?

    • A cap has to be charged just before you supply power to it. It's best to install it as close to the amp as possible. You may need to get addition power and ground wire the same size you have now. Otherwise, cut the ground …URE TO COMPLY!" Have a big red arrow pointing to the fuse and one of those yellow triangles with the exclamation point in the center. Laminate this sign and place it near the fuse by the battery. Something like this:

  • Avatar clm81483 Best brands for wiring kit and capacitor?
    Apr 10, 2009 by clm81483 | Posted in Car Audio

    What are the best brands and prices for a wiring kit and capacitor?? I have a 300 watt rms amp and a pioneer headunit. Any help would be great.

    • Go with Scosche. You can get their wiring stuff from like walmart, or if your against that order it off a website.

  • Avatar Ivan Drago What kind of wiring do i need to hook up a capacitor?
    Jul 28, 2010 by Ivan Drago | Posted in Car Audio

    Do i need an amp wiring kit or something else? Because the capacitor i am getting is comes by itself with out of wiring harness. Thanks

    • Your power wire goes to the positive terminal the ground the the negative, then another power wire needs hooked up to the positive terminal then to the amp same for the ground...go to your local audio store to buy the 2nd pwer and ground because you only need a few feet of it