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MF capacitor


Equipment Use:

Generate the signal (Volt) using the function generator and measure the signal using the CRO to verify the results.

RC Circuits analysis:

Now that you have reviewed the RC circuits and time constants, its time to practically observe the things. Perform the following experiment and verify the charging time of the RC circuit.

Square waves are used in digital circuits, which respond to signals that are either ON (also called “high”) or OFF (also called “low”). Most signal generators found in labs will have a square wave function. The photograph shows a CRO display of square waves.


Source: Controller Bites

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Don't ask for a 500 mf "resistor" at radio shack

2006-11-11 11:29:20 by Templeton-T-Rat

Ask for a 500 mf "capacitor" instead, then you won't get the wrong thing.

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with these modifications: 1.- 4700 Mf capacitor to pin 6 or power input and ground. 2.-4700 Mf capacitor instead of a 250 Mf to pin 5 and audio
In the video are used in 9 x 100 w lamps Transformer of microwave 1300 w 2 mF capacitor v 3000 second coil is 2 x 42 turns of copper wire ф 4 mm2
MAD9- 900w Tesla transformer.AVI
MF capacitor

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  • Avatar Natasha A 140 mF capacitor is in series with a 30 V battery and ?
    Dec 16, 2008 by Natasha | Posted in Engineering

    A 140 mF capacitor is in series with a 30 V battery and a 220 kΩ resistor. What will the voltage be across the capacitor 32 seconds after the circuit is energized

    • Assuming m is milli, not micro: tau (the time constant) is R times C = 220 x 10^3 x 140 x 10^-3 = 220 x 140 = 30800 seconds. Cap voltage = 30 times (1 - exp ( - t / tau) ) = 0.031153 Volts.

  • Avatar A 0.010 mF capacitor is connected to a 12V battery in series with a 330 kOHM resistor?
    Jul 21, 2010 by | Posted in Physics

    Note that the m in front of the F is the milli sign, I just don't have the icon, and the k in front of ohm meaning killa :) The print out most likely screwed up so there isn't an actual question. But I'm pretty sure they're asking for the Time Constant.

    • Milli is supposed to be m as a symbol. If you mean micro, the symbol is µ. k means kilo, not killa. But what is the question? Yes, you have the parts connected, but you have listed no question. edit: the time constant is just R×C = 330k×0.01m = 3.3 seconds. .