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·  3. K A P A S I T O R

 Kapasitor (Kondensator) yang dalam rangkaian elektronika dilambangkan dengan huruf "C" adalah suatu alat yang dapat menyimpan energi/muatan listrik didalam medan listrik, dengan cara mengumpulkan ketidak seimbangan internal dari muatan listrik Kapasitor ditemukan oleh Michael Faraday (1791-1867). Satuan kapasitor disebut Farad (F)

·  4. R E S I S T O R

 Resistor adalah komponen dasar elektronika yang selalu digunakan dalam setiap rangkaian elektronika karena bisa berfungsi sebagai pengatur atau untuk membatasi jumla arus yang mengalir dalam suatu rangkaian. Satuan resistansi dari suatu resistor disebut Ohm atau dilambangkan dengan simbol Ω (Omega) Di dalam rangkaian elektronika, resistor dilambangkan dengan huruf "R". Dilihat dari bahannya, ada beberapa jenis resistor yang ada dipasaran antara lain : Resistor Carbon, Wirewound, danMetalfilm. Ada juga Resistor yang dapatdiubah-ubah nilai resistansinya antara lain : Potensiometer, Rheostat dan Trimmer (Trimpot)

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Supco Supco SPP8E E Series Electronic Potential Relay style Hard Start Kit, Greater than 1 Horsepower Range, 189-227F Capacitor Size
BISS (Supco)
  • Voltage sensing
  • 2-wire installation

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Any replacement suitable for AC service that is

2011-05-16 18:37:53 by JerseyScrounger

2 micro farads and has a voltage rating equal to the original or greater will be fine. It cannot be a polarized capacitor with a plus and minus.
Handy trick for testing AC motor start capacitors.
Connect you capacitor to 120/60 through an ac amp meter, and run the results through this formula. (connect it only long enough to get a reading)
MFD = Amps * 2650 / Volts
So for this 2MFD cap at 120/60, it should draw - 0.09 amps, if it's working properly.
When testing this kind of thing I use a test block that I put together that has a 2.5 amp circuit breaker to protect me and the meter, it is also GFI protected.

Start Capacitor Question

2008-09-07 17:38:21 by bad_ducks

I've got a 3 hp Magnetek motor that is about 15 years old but under lite duty.
The motor won't start. It humms then blows the breaker. the motor is not froze up nor does it smell burned.
An AC friend checked the capacitors and he says one of the start capacitors is bad.
I can get a replacement from Grainger that is almost the same except the one I presently have is rated 165 volts 815 - 970 mfd and it has a 4700 ohm resistor across the terminals.
The Grainger replacement is about the same mfd but the voltage is rated at 115 and it doesn't have the resistor.
Should it work ok and should I put the resistors on the new capacitor.
The motor is used on an air compressor.
Single phase 220 volts.
Thanks for your help.

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Supco Part No. SPP6 Series PTC Capacitor Combination, Operating Voltage (VAC) 90 - ...
Home Improvement (Supco)
Mars2 Dual Run Capacitor 35/5 MFD 440 Volt Round - Air Conditioning Replacement Part
Home Improvement (Mars2)
  • Air Conditioning Dual Run Capacitor 35/5 Microfarad 440 Volt
  • Common run capacitor for some air conditioning compressors.
  • Used on some A/C compressors. Metal casing. Round shape. 2 terminals with 4 prongs each.

Metal-Enclosed, Pad-Mounted Capacitor Bank

Cooper Power Systems--with 70 years of capacitor development experience--offers metal-enclosed, pad-mounted capacitor banks that are smaller,.

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  • Avatar stephen w Describe construction and operation of an AC capacitor start motor?
    Jan 05, 2007 by stephen w | Posted in Engineering

    AC single phase capacitor start motor

    • The capacitor is used to simulate a second phase to get the motor going, once its going then the capacitor is out of the system.